Shimeji Mushrooms with Tuna and Mayonnaise Stir-Fry

Shimeji Mushrooms with Tuna and Mayonnaise Stir-Fry

Since this dish is stir-fried with only mayonnaise, it tastes delicious even when cooled.

Ingredients: 1 serving

White shimeji mushrooms
1/2 bunch
Canned tuna
1/2 can
1 tablespoon
Salt, black pepper
to taste
Dried parsley or aonori (garnish)
a small amount


1. Remove the stem from the mushrooms and shred. Drain the oil from the tuna can.
2. Add mayonnaise to the frying pan. When it begins to melt, add the bunapi mushrooms. Once the mushrooms start to become tender, add in the tuna and continue cooking.
3. Lastly, season with salt and black pepper to finish!!
4. It's a quick side dish for your bento as well.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this because I thought it would be an easy and delicious addition to the bento!