All-Purpose Homemade Herbed Salt

All-Purpose Homemade Herbed Salt

Why don't you make your own herb salt using various kinds of herbs? You can use this for making different dishes. Your friends will love this as a gift.

Ingredients: one small bottle worth (140 g)

Salt (rock salt or coarse sea salt)
50 g
Dried herbs (of your choice)
Oregano (dried)
3 g
Thyme (dried)
3 g
Rosemary (dried)
3 g
Italian Parsley (dried)
3 g


1. Place the salt on a piece of paper towels and microwave at 600 W for about 1 to 2 minutes to let any moisture evaporate (adjust the time as you go).
2. I used 4 kinds of summery herbs which I grew for myself this time. Try different herbs to your liking.
3. Put everything into a mill and grind until fine.
4. This is how the salt looks once everything is mixed together.
5. Sprinkle over pork and chicken before frying. This is good for pasta dishes, salads, potato dishes and fish!
6. Store in a bottle. You can buy cheap bottles at pound shops (or dollar stores) and prepare these as presents for your friends!

Story Behind this Recipe

I am qualified as an food education instructor, a herb tea sommelier, advisor and a medical herb therapist.
I like sharing recipes that are easy, healthy, and tasty, as well as recipes that you can enjoy with your children.