Adzuki & Sesame Seed Japanese Style Cake in the Rice Cooker

Adzuki & Sesame Seed Japanese Style Cake in the Rice Cooker

This is the third cake I've made using a food processor and a rice cooker and has a slightly Japanese taste. I matched sweet adzuki beans with a sesame seed scented sponge for a delicious cake.

Ingredients: 1 cake (3-cup rice cooker pot size)

●Eggs (medium)
40 g
●Vegetable oil
30 g
Nerigoma sesame paste (white)
50 g
☆Cake flour
100 g
☆Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Toasted sesame seeds (black)
2 teaspoons
Canned boiled adzuki beans
100 g


1. Add the ingredients marked with ● to a food processor (or a blender) and blend on a high speed.
2. Once you've been blending for 2-3 minutes and the mixture has become pale, add the sesame paste and blend for a further minute. Please make sure to mix the paste in well from the beginning.
3. When the mixture is thick and even it's ready.
4. Pour the mixture into a rice cooker pot. Combine the ingredients marked with ☆ and sift them into the mixture. Add the toasted sesame seeds and the adzuki beans.
5. Whilst rotating the rice cooker pot, fold in the ingredients until evenly dstributed then flatten down the batter around the outside of the pot and switch the rice cooker on!
6. Cook 2-3 times in the rice cooker and check to see if it's done by inserting a skewer into the middle. If it comes back clean it's ready! Turn the cake out onto a cooling rack and leave to cool.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the third cake I've tried in the food processor and rice cooker. I thought it would be nice to make a slightly Japanese-tasting cake this time.