Soupless Ramen (Abura-soba) made with Raoh-brand Ramen

Soupless Ramen (Abura-soba) made with Raoh-brand Ramen

Super simple! Make authentic soup-less ramen (abura-soba!)

Ingredients: serves 1

Instant ramen noodles
1 package
Bean sprouts
to taste
Japanese leek
to taste
Char siu
to taste
to taste
a small amount
Bamboo shoots, marinated boiled egg, naruto, nori, etc
as desired


1. Mince the leek and the char siu. Finely cut up the garlic. Prepare bamboo shoots, nori, and the boiled egg as desired.
2. Put half of the Raoh instant soup packet in a bowl. If you use all of it, the flavor will be very strong. Add minced garlic and ra-yu.
3. Boil the noodles. It takes 4 minutes.
4. Once the noodles have separated, add the bean sprouts and boil together.
5. After 4 minutes, drain the noodles. If they cool down, the noodles will start sticking together, so after you've drained them, transfer into your bowl quickly!
6. Then add your toppings and it's complete! Mix together well with the sauce and eat.

Story Behind this Recipe

I realized that the Raoh-brand instant ramen tastes really close to the soupless ramen served at a certain ramen shop!