Crispy Gyoza Dumplings with Wings

Crispy Gyoza Dumplings with Wings

Gyoza with crispy wings. They are cooked in sesame oil, which makes them aromatic and tasty.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

★Flour (cake flour)
1 teaspoon
100 ml
Sesame oil
a small amount, to taste
Vegetable oil
as needed
a small amount
a small amount


1. Make the gyoza. See Recipe ID: 611523. Mix the ingredients marked ★ together.
2. Coat a heated frying pan with vegetable oil and put the gyoza in. Cook over strong heat until slightly browned, then turn the heat to low - medium, and add the ★ mixture.
3. Put the lid on and steam-bake for five minutes. Remove the lid, turn the heat up to high to evaporate off the water. Drizzle some sesame oil in from the sides of the pan, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is one of our standard go-to dishes in my house.