Easy Chicken Thighs Simmered in Meat Sauce

Easy Chicken Thighs Simmered in Meat Sauce

You can prepare everything else while the chicken is simmering so it's good for dinner parties.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken thigh meat
Store-bought meat sauce
1 can
Bay leaves (optional)
Vegetables (shimeji mushrooms, eggplant, etc.)
as desired


1. Fry the chicken on high heat until browned on both sides.
2. Remove the chicken from the pan. Add the canned meat sauce, one can worth of water, and the bay leaves.
3. Once the sauce starts to thicken, reduce the heat to low and simmer until it's reduced by one-third.
4. The sauce is not only great with rice, but it goes with bread, pasta, or as a pizza topping. One COOKPAD user even said it was great with omu-rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is one of my favorite foods that my mom used to make. I didn't realize it was just simmered store-bought meat sauce that made it so good.
It doesn't taste like meat sauce, though. Enhance this dish with vegetables.