Spider Web Tarts for Halloween

Spider Web Tarts for Halloween

Easy and glamorous tarts to make for Halloween.


Store-bought tart crusts (small)
1 bag (contains 9)
Dark chocolate
1 bar
Chocolate writing pens
1 to 2 (any color but black)
Decorations like silver dragées
As needed


1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
2. Pour the chocolate into the tart crusts. Chill to harden.
3. Use chocolate writing pens to draw spider webs.
4. Begin by drawing 8 radial lines.
5. Starting from the center, draw straight lines in between the radial lines. Refer to the photo for details.
6. Top with silver dragées before the lines harden.
7. Arrange on a cake stand.

Story Behind this Recipe

A recipe for Halloween parties.