Easy Apple "Pie" with Homemade Apple Jam

Easy Apple "Pie" with Homemade Apple Jam

I used jam made with Jonathan apples and honey to make this simple treat.


Jonathan or Jonagold apples
5 apples
Granulated sugar
20% of the weight of the apples
20% of the weight of the apples
Lemon juice
1 lemon worth
Frozen puff pastry
1 sheet
Vanilla ice cream
to taste
Cinnamon powder
to taste


1. Peel the apples and remove the cores. Cut into cubes and mix with the honey and sugar. Let it sit in a pot for 30 minutes.
2. Once the moisture from the apples has come out, turn on the heat. Place the apple peels on top of the apples and cover it with a lid. Simmer it on medium heat being careful not to let it boil.
3. Once the peels are soft and turned pink, take them out. The peels are delicious now that they have cooked too. Don't throw them out! Have them in smoothies, etc.!
4. Add in as much lemon juice as you'd like. Simmer while occasionally stirring. Cook the apples till they reach your desired consistency. Cook them quickly to retain their cube shape or cook them for a long time if you want a paste.
5. Now take out the puff pastry sheet and cut it into your desired size. Bake it in your oven following the directions on your package. Enjoy it while it's hot with the jam and ice cream, and then top with some cinnamon.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I make apple jam in my house, this is what we enjoy on the same day!