Easy! My Melody Onigiri For Charaben (Decorative Bentos)

Easy! My Melody Onigiri For Charaben (Decorative Bentos)

This is an easy My Melody made by putting cheese on top of pink-colored rice.

Ingredients: 1 My Melody

Hot cooked white rice
as needed
Colorful pink "decofuri" furikake
as needed
1/2 slice
a small amount
Nori seaweed
a small amount
A thin vegetable sheet (sold in stores; or a piece of thin omelette or cheese)
a small amount


1. Mix the "decofuri" furikake with the rice. Divide the rice into 3 portions - a large one for the face and 2 small portions for the ears. Form each portion into a ball.
2. Put the balls into a bento box. If the ears fall off, affix them to the head with pieces of long thin pasta.
3. Make an oval shape from kitchen parchment paper, and use it as a pattern to cut an oval shape from the cheese using a toothpick.
4. Make the facial features: The face...cheese; the mouth...nori seaweed; the nose...a piece of vegetable sheet, omelette or cheese. If you layer the cheese on top of a slice of ham, it will be more stable and not get too soft.
5. Put the facial features on, and it's done. Add hands and accessories to make it cute.
6. These are the special bento decorating tools I used.
7. For this version I added a bonnet made out of ham.
8. Please make your own My Melody variations.

Story Behind this Recipe

For my princess.