Mashed Kabocha For Your Bento

Mashed Kabocha For Your Bento

Perfect for your bento or character bento. Really easy to make too!

Ingredients: 5

Kabocha squash
150 g
1 scant tablespoon
a small amount
Pink plum and sesame salt (or black sesame seeds)
as needed


1. Remove the skin from the kabocha and slice finely.
2. Wrap and microwave for 3 minutes until soft. Mash with a spoon and season with mayonnaise and salt.
3. When smooth, shape into round, bite-sized pieces and top with plum sesame salt to finish.
4. This is what it looks like in a bento.
5. If you add other toppings such as black sesame seeds, thinly sliced baby corn or green vegetable paste, it looks different and cute.
6. You can even make a Jack-o'-Lantern.

Story Behind this Recipe

For my family who loves kabocha.