Fall Fruit Decorated Cake

Fall Fruit Decorated Cake

I made a decadent cake with seasonal persimmons and grapes. This a simple decorative cake topped with fruits.

Ingredients: 18 cm cake

For the sponge cake
Cake flour
65 g
Corn starch
25 g
70 g
3 large
For decoration
Persimmon (cut into chunks)
Sweet scarlet grapes
as desired
Kiwi (cut into 1/4 slices)
Pineapple (cut into chunks)
as desired
Canned peaches
1 can
Heavy cream
400 ml
40 g


1. Place the eggs and sugar into a bowl and whip in a hot water bath. Remove from the hot water bath once the sugar has dissolved, and whip with a hand mixer for about 15 minutes until it resembles whipped cream.
2. Combine the cake flour and corn starch, place into a sifter and add to Step 1. Lightly mix together throughout.
3. Pour Step 2 into a pan lined with parchment paper, remove the air bubbles, and bake in an oven preheated to 170℃ for about 35-40 minutes.
4. After baking and cooling, evenly cut off the baked portion on top, and slice the sponge cake in two.
5. Add the heavy cream and sugar to a bowl, and whip with a hand mixer.
6. Coat the sponge cake from Step 4 with the frosting from Step 5 using a palette knife, place the cut peaches on top, and cover everything with Step 5.
7. Decorate the edges of Step 6 with heavy cream, top with your favorite fruits, and it is done.
8. This is my summer fruit decorated cake. Recipe ID: 1892867.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a decorative fruit cake using seasonal persimmons!