Make A Lot In Advance - Sweet Potato Batter

Make A Lot In Advance - Sweet Potato Batter

Make a bunch, separate them into small portions, and store in the freezer.
This makes them convenient to use whenever you need them or even in bento lunch boxes.

Ingredients: 2 sweet potatoes

Sweet potato
2 (500 g)
50 g
3 tablespoons
●Heavy cream (use milk if unavailable)
3-5 tablespoons (if using milk, 1 heaping ~ 2 1/2 tablespoons


1. Cut the sweet potatoes into bite-sized pieces, boil, and then mash them up. Add the ● ingredients, mix well, and you're done!
2. Spread out plastic wrap and wrap up golf ball-sized portions of sweet potato. Tie them shut with rubber bands. Store the portions you won't be using right away in the freezer.
3. Freezing them in a storage bag like this is inconvenient, but if you divide it up and only store what you need, you can use a bag.
4. I mixed in some microwaved mochi rice cakes and got easy potato mochi.
5. I dissolved it in milk and froze it to make sweet potato ice cream.
6. Chill it in the summer and enjoy with heavy cream!
7. Coat with panko to make sweet potato croquettes and serve with heavy cream.
8. Try coating the sweet potatoes with caramel!
9. Recipe ID: 1596426 Put caramel in the center of the sweet potato balls!

Story Behind this Recipe

In order for the refrigerator to not get too full, I always wrap things up in different sizes for practical use.

This is one of those things.