Ginkgo Nuts Ready in 10 Minutes in a Toaster Oven

Ginkgo Nuts Ready in 10 Minutes in a Toaster Oven

Ginkgo nuts taste good, but they're a bit scary to cook in a microwave! Cooking them in a toaster oven is safe and easy!

Ingredients: As many as you like

Ginkgo nuts
as many as you like


1. You will use a towel and disposable chopsticks. A cup with a bottom that is only slightly raised works better for cracking ginkgo nuts.
2. Place a ginkgo nut, with the rounded side up, between the tips of a pair of unseparated disposable chopsticks. Use one hand to hold them securely.
3. Crack the ginkgo nut by hitting it a few times with the bottom of the cup. You'll get to know how hard to hit it after a few tries. Sometimes it will crack on the first hit.
4. When all the ginkgo nuts are cracked, arrange them on the toaster's oven pan and cook them for 10 minutes. Be sure all of the ginkgo nuts are cracked before you start cooking them.
5. They're ready when nicely browned. If they don't look cooked through, leave them in the oven a little longer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love ginkgo nuts, but it's hard to cook them evenly in a microwave and some end up being overcooked. I'm scared they'll burn in a frying pan so I came up with this way of cooking them safely and easily. I'm no longer scared to cook them !