Daikon Mochi Cakes for Dim Sum

Daikon Mochi Cakes for Dim Sum

Crisply pan-fried on the outside, and chewy and jelly-like inside. The flavors and sweetness of the daikon radish produce a comforting daikon radish mochi cake.

Ingredients: one 18-cm poundcake mold worth

Daikon radish
400-450 g peeled
1 teaspoon
*Rice flour (Joshinko)
80 g
70 g
*Chicken soup stock granules
1 tablespoon
400 ml
Vegetable oil or sesame oil (to pan-fry the cakes)
as needed


1. Peel the daikon radish using a vegetable slicer or a cheese grater to shred into 5-mm thick pieces.
2. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, work it into the shredded daikon radish, and set aside the daikon radish for about 20 minutes. When moisture is produced, rinse off the salt quickly, and tightly squeeze out any excess moisture.
3. Combine the * ingredients in a bowl and mix evenly. Add the daikon radish from Step 2 and mix well. Pour into a lightly oiled mold, and mix it once more to evenly distribute the daikon radish.
4. Steam for about 30 minutes in a prepared steamer. If the middle of the cake has puffed up a little when the lid is removed, it should be cooked through.
5. Leave the cake to cool in the mold. Flip it over to release it from the mold, and slice 1-1.5cm thicknesses. The cake is easier to slice if it's well chilled.
6. Brown on both sides in a frying pan lined with oil, and they're done.
7. If you leave the batter in the mold for some time, the flour will sink to the bottom and be tough when it's steamed. IMix up the batter in the mold right before steaming.
8. If you have a large steamer, spread the batter out in a shallow tray and steam it.

Story Behind this Recipe

Daikon radish mochi cakes with dried shrimp or bacon chips are delicious too, but I love plain ones that really highlight the flavor of the daikon radish.