Beautiful Yellow Tamagoyaki Omelet

Beautiful Yellow Tamagoyaki Omelet

My family loves this sweet, moist and beautiful yellow tamagoyaki omelet.
This version uses 2 eggs.


1 tablespoon
a small amount
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon


1. Mix everything in a bowl. The mayonnaise doesn't need to be dissolved completely.
2. Make a tamagoyaki omelet in your usual way. Or follow the preceding steps.
3. Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a tamagoyaki pan. Pour in the Step 1 egg mixture over very low heat. Don't touch the 2 cm border (the red parts seen in the picture.
4. Use chopsticks and stir the middle lightly and quickly, but make sure there are no holes. Roll slowly from the top.
5. When finished rolling, leave it for a little while to cook through. Flip, and cook the other side as well.
6. It's done.
7. This is a variation with 1 egg. Recipe ID: 2013514

Story Behind this Recipe

I've made several kinds of tamagoyaki, but my family says this is the best so far.
The cut off edges are for my 4 year-old son's special breakfast.