Beef and Pork Hamburger Steaks With Salt-Leek Sauce

Beef and Pork Hamburger Steaks With Salt-Leek Sauce

The two types of meat combined are meaty and substantial. Even fast-growing kids will be satisfied with this recipe that uses inexpensive ingredients. It's fun to cook this on a griddle too.

Ingredients: 3 regular or 2 large burgers

Mixed ground beef and pork
200 g
Pork (thickly cut boned rib or shoulder meat)
100 g
1/2 (100 g)
◎Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
◎Chicken soup stock granules
1/2 teaspoon
◎Garlic (grated)
1 clove
◎Black pepper, salt and pepper
Leek sauce:
The white part of a leek (or green onion)
1 (80 g)
●Sesame oil
1 tablespoon
●Roasted sesame seeds
2 teaspoons plus
1/5 teaspoon
●Black pepper, chicken soup stock granules
to taste
*Lemon *Slow boiled egg or fried egg


1. Finely chop the onion, put into a heatproof container and microwave (1 1/2 minutes at 500W). Transfer the onion to a sieve and leave to cool.
2. Chop the pork up roughly so that there's still some texture (about 5mm pieces). Compare with the egg.
3. Make the leek sauce: Finely chop the white leek, and combine with the ● ingredients to season. If you aren't fond of raw leek, soak it in cold water first. You can mix it half and half with green onion, or just use all green onion.
4. I used teppanyaki (or yakiniku) pork this time. Choose pork rib, pork shoulder or any part that has some fat.
5. Put the ground meat and chopped up pork from step 2, plus the onion from step 1, into a bowl. Add the ◎ marked seasoning and mix well.
6. Knead well until the ground meat has turned white (this is the key), and form into patties while eliminating any air bubbles.
7. I made 3 burgers this time. If you make 2 they'll be pretty big ones that are about 150 g each. You can make a lot of little ones too.
8. Put a little oil in a frying pan and pan fry the burgers. When they are nicely browned, flip them over.
9. Turn the heat down, and cook through to the middle thoroughly. When they are cooked they will puff up.
10. Transfer to serving plates, top with plenty of the leek sauce from step 3, and serve. Top with a slow-boiled egg or a fried egg for more volume. It goes well with lemon and black pepper too.
11. I tried making them small and dainty to serve to guests. They may be cute topped with fried quail eggs.
12. This is a very meaty burger too. Recipe ID: 1344615 "Kimchi Hamburgers With Korean Nori Seaweed Sauce."

Story Behind this Recipe

I love beef tongue with leek-salt sauce! I used inexpensive mixed ground meat to make hamburgers using that type of sauce.
If you are cooking these at a table on a griddle, make them thin and press down hard on them with a spatula, and also make them bite size. Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon on so that they taste like beef tongue.