Halloween Character Bento Mummy Sausages

Halloween Character Bento Mummy Sausages

Serve in bentos or at parties. Simple and quick mummies! They make cute Halloween snacks.


Sliced cheese
1-2 slices
Nori seaweed
a little


1. Boil the sausages just until hot and set aside to cool.
2. Cut the cheese into 3-4 mm wide strips. For the eyes, cut the cheese into round circles, and use a craft punch to make the pupils out of nori and assemble them.
3. While the sausages are still a little warm, affix the eyes and wrap with sliced cheese.
4. Here's a cute bento with a simmered pumpkin jack-o-lantern: Recipe ID: 2006468
5. Here's a hot dog arrangement with ketchup and mayonnaise for flavor My kids were happy biting into these.
6. Here's a pizza arrangement. It's easy when the cheese is wrapped around just half a sausage. On the side the pizza are ghosts made of hanpen (steamed fish product).
7. For children's Halloween party Everyone was pleased! I also had fun making it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for a Halloween-themed October bento. I looked at a lot of Halloween pictures and wanted to try to make something special.
Everyone wants a sausage in their bento and this is an easy character to add.