Dorayaki with Pancake Mix (Anko and Butter)

Dorayaki with Pancake Mix (Anko and Butter)

The secret of the fluffiness is in the meringue!

Ingredients: Approximately 10 cm x 7 pancakes

Pancake mix
100 g
70 ml
20 ml (1 1/3 tablespoon)
Egg Yolks
Egg White
Light Brown Sugar
12 g (1 1/3 tablespoon)
Vegetable Oil
as needed
An Butter
Your favorite anko
250 g
90 g


1. Mix water, mirin, egg yolks in a bowl using a hand mixer. Return the egg whites to the refrigerator to keep it cold.
2. Add the pancake mix and stir well.
3. Next, make the meringue. Beat the chilled egg whites in a separate bowl.
4. If peaks form when the beaters are lifted up, the meringue is done.
5. Add the light brown sugar into the meringue in 2 batches and beat again until peaks form.
6. Add the meringue to the batter. Maintain the airy texture by carefully folding the combined batter with a rubber spatula.
7. Lightly grease the pan with vegetable oil and heat. Remove pan from heat and place on damp cloth to let cool. Pour batter into the pan and put on low heat.
8. When small bubbles form on the surface, flip the pancake and cook for about another minute.
9. Fold the pancake while it is still hot and wrap in plastic wrap to cool. Once the pancake cools down, it will rip when folded so make sure to fold while still hot!
10. Next, make the an butter. Heat and melt the butter completely in a 500 W microwave. Add the an paste and mix well.
11. Fill a cooled pancake with the an butter and you're done!
12. Freshly made or cooled in the refrigerator, either way it's delicious.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I created this recipe after much trial and error for myself and my husband who loves Japanese desserts and loves dorayaki. I love the butter with anko, though!