Soft and Chewy Florentine-Style Chocolate Crunch

Soft and Chewy Florentine-Style Chocolate Crunch

It only takes 15 minutes to make. It's easy enough even for beginners. You can make this soft and chewy chocolate crunch using ingredients you normally have on hand, and it will melt in your mouth. Find out the secret tips to make this Florentine-style chocolate crunch.

Ingredients: about 30 bite-sized pieces

Chocolate of your choice (I used Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate)
1 bar (60 g)
Butter (or margarine)
30-50 g (I used 60 g of margarine)
Marshmallows (plain)
80 g
Corn flakes (or cereal, nuts of your choice, sliced almonds)
60 g
About the butter - See the Helpful Hints


1. These are the ingredients (oops, marshmallows are hiding…). These are the favorites for all ages, and both boys and girls, aren't they?
2. Crush the chocolate into small pieces.
3. Shred the marshmallows into small pieces.
4. Put the batter in a pot, and melt over low heat.
5. Add the marshmallows to Step 3, and melt over low heat, stirring slowly.
6. Add the chocolate to Step 5, and melt over low heat, stirring slowly. It smells so good!
7. When it melted completely, add the corn flakes, and mix evenly. I mixed in the corn flakes while crushing them with a spatula.
8. Line a flat metal tray with parchment paper or cling film, shape the mixture into bite-sized pieces using spoons, and place them on the tray. They look cute if you place them in mini baking cups.
9. Leave them at room temperature until they are dry on the surface and come off easily from the parchment paper or cling film. They won't harden completely.
10. They will stay soft and chewy because of the marshmallows. They are not too hard and not too soft, and easy to eat.
11. It's easy even for children, and it's not dangerous to make. So please give it a try with your child.
12. It was close to Halloween, so I wrapped them as shown in this photo. It will be a great Valentine's day present. I'm sure whoever receives this would be very happy.

Story Behind this Recipe

My cooking teacher, Eri-nyan who used to be a patissier, taught me how to make this chocolate crunch, and I made it at an "easy baking" event. It's unbelievably easy, yet it tastes like a professionally made one. All the participants were deeply impressed.
I added some notes to my teacher's recipe for beginners, and I uploaded it on COOKPAD.