Hello Kitty Sandwich Bento

Hello Kitty Sandwich Bento

Roll up these cute Hello Kitty sandwiches for your bento!

Ingredients: 2 kitties

Sandwich bread (thin slices)
2 slices
Your favourite ingredients to add to soup
as needed
Nori seaweed (or snacking kombu)
a small amount
Cheese (or vegetable sheet if available)
a small amount


1. Before sandwiching the ingredients, put them into the bento box and cut if needed to accommodate the box's width.
2. Put the sandwich ingredients on a slice of sandwich bread.
3. Roll it up.
4. Use cut out triangles of bread for the ears, nori seaweed or konbu for the whiskers and eyes, and cheese or a vegetable sheet for the nose.
5. Put the parts on the bread to finish!
6. Here's the My Melody version.
7. See this recipe here for the Snoopy version! Recipe ID: 2247683.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these sandwiches for my daughter's lunch.