For Charaben Tiny Sausage Totoro

For Charaben Tiny Sausage Totoro

These Totoro are made from tiny round wiener sausages called "Korokoro Wieners." Use them on top of onigiri (rice balls), or in a charaben as an accent.

Ingredients: 1 Totoro

Tiny round wiener sausage
Nori seaweed
to taste
Sliced cheese
as needed
Snacking kombu
1 piece
Spaghetti strand
as needed


1. Cut the wiener sausage in half.
2. Hold it upright and make a slit on the top.
3. Push a round cutter about 5 mm into the bottom of the sausage.
4. Carve out the part where you pressed in the cutter rather deeply. The carved out part will be covered so it can be rough.
5. Cut out the face from the sliced cheese using the same cutter.
6. Fix the cheese into the circle in the sausage.
7. Cut the part you cut out of the sausage with scissors to make the ears.
8. Stick the ears into the slit you made in Step 1, and secure them from the back with a piece of spaghetti.
9. Cut small circles out of the sliced cheese to make the eyes. If you use the cheese as-is, the eyes will look like they are sticking out, so you may want to slice it in half before punching out the circles to make it very thin.
10. Stick the cheese eyes from Step 9 on the sausage, and affix them with spaghetti strands. If you dig out a bit of the sausage as you did with the tummy, it's less likely to fall apart.
11. Make the facial feature parts from nori using the nori punchers, and stick them on the face. Use a tiny bit of mayonnaise as "glue."
12. Cut the snacking kombu very thinly with scissors to make the whiskers.
13. Poke holes in the face before you poke the cut kombu for the whiskers. It's easy that way.
15. Put the nori patterns on the tummy to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wondered if I could make cute bento characters using Korokoro wiener sausages.