Halloween Witch Girl Character Bento

Halloween Witch Girl Character Bento

I made this witch girl bento.

Ingredients: enough for a child's bento

Hot cooked white rice
as much as you like
Nori seaweed
an appropriate amount
Imitation crab sticks
an appropriate amount
Bonito flakes
an appropriate amount
PINK Deco-furi (decorative furikake)
enough to color
Sliced cheese
1/6 slice


1. Sandwich the sliced cheese in nori seaweed. The nori should be a little bit bigger.
2. Cut the nori/cheese sandwich along the dotted lines shown in this picture. Make incisions on the top and trim off the ends.
3. Squeeze a portion of rice into a teardrop shape.
4. Cover the part that will be used for the face in plastic wrap, affix bonito flakes on the top of the teardrop for hair. There's no need to cover the tip.
5. Wrap a new sheet of nori around the tip.
6. Affix the cut off nori edge from Step two to the hat as a brim.
7. Above the brim, affix the red part of the imitation crab stick.
8. Attach the parts of the face.
9. Here she is packed in a bento.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this a lot for Halloween-themed bentos.