Autumn Sweets Easy Sweetened Sweet Potato Bites

Autumn Sweets Easy Sweetened Sweet Potato Bites

I've attached photo for each step Here's an easy recipe to make sweetened sweet potato bites using milk and butter-flavored margarine. No need to press through a strainer.

Ingredients: Makes 15 to 20

Sweet potato
500 g net weight
3 tablespoons
4 tablespoons plus
★Butter-flavored margarine
1.5 tablespoons
★Vanilla Extract (optional)
3 drops
Egg yolk


1. Peel the sweet potatoes and dice into 1 cm cubes. Soak the sweet potatoes in water to remove the scum, then rinse before prepping.
2. Put the sweet potatoes into a pan. Pour in enough water to soak the potatoes. Boil until soft.
3. When done, drain the boiled potatoes. Transfer to a bowl or the pan used for simmering. Mash the potatoes while still hot.
4. Add ★ ingredients into the potato and mix together. Work quickly before the potatoes go cold.
5. Taste, and add sugar if it's not sweet enough. ○Add milk if you like it more smooth.
6. Scoop into small aluminum linings or containers. Shape into flat balls or ovals using the back of the spoon.
7. Thinly brush on the egg yolks for shining. Bake in a 200℃ oven or toaster oven until the surface is nicely browned.
8. They're also nice to bake in bite-sized round liners or containers. You could also shape it with your hands rather than using liners or containers.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make easy sweetened sweet potato bites without dirtying my hands, and also without passing it through a strainer.