Easy Charaben Doraemon with Nori Seaweed

Easy Charaben Doraemon with Nori Seaweed

This is a smiley-face Doraemon made with nori seaweed. Fill the onigiri (rice ball) with anything you like.


Hot cooked white rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
Red wiener sausage
Sliced cheese
as needed
Thin omelette crepe (usuyaki tamago)
a 2 x 2 cm piece
Thin long pasta
as needed


1. Fill the rice with any filling you'd like and make a round onigiri (rice ball) for the face. Slightly flatten the surface where his face will be.
2. Cut out a paper pattern that's a little smaller than the rice ball. (About 4/5 of the surface area of his entire face for balance).
3. Prepare a piece of nori seaweed that is big enough to completely cover the rice ball. Fold it in half, and cut it following the the shape of the template.
4. Stick the nori seaweed from Step 3 on the rice ball evenly.
5. Make the nori seaweed adhere well to the rice ball using plastic wrap.
6. Slice the red wiener sausage about 5 mm thick, and secure to the bottom of the face using spaghetti strands.
7. Cut the thin omelette using a round cutter, to make the bell for the neck.
8. Put the rice ball from Step 6 into a bento box. Secure the egg "bell" from Step 7 to the sausage with a piece of spaghetti strands.
9. Cut the sliced cheese out into two oval shapes for the eyes. (I use a Charappa brand oval-shaped cutter. Since the oval shapes are long, I cut out 2 pieces per eye.)
10. Cut a round shape from a piece of thinly sliced sausage for the nose.
11. Secure the sausage slices from Step 10 using a piece of spaghetti strands.
12. Make the other facial features with nori seaweed, stick them on and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

My child danced the part of Doraemon in his kindergarten class, so I tried making this.