Rilakkuma Omurice

Rilakkuma Omurice

This is omurice with cute, three-dimensional rice designed to look like that adorable bear character!

Ingredients: 1 serving

as desired
Hot cooked rice
as needed
to taste
Sliced cheese
as needed
Nori (dried seaweed sheet)
as needed


1. Mix the rice and ketchup together to make ketchup rice! Adjust the color and flavor to taste!
2. Use plastic wrap to shape the rice into a head, ears, body, and arms. Stick them together.
3. Attach sliced cheese in the ears and on the mouth. Use scissors to cut the eyes, nose, and mouth details.
4. Make an egg crepe in a frying pan! Divide the egg into the pillow and blanket and arrange on the plate.
5. Garnish with boiled broccoli and serve with ketchup!
6. This is a variation I made for my son's bento!
7. For the bear's ears, if you make a round rice ball and cut it in half with scissors, it'll be easier for you to shape them neatly!

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw this on a TV program, so I decided to give it a try!