Round Rolled Omelets (For Bento)

Round Rolled Omelets (For Bento)

It is simple. It is also cute in bento, so give it a try.

Ingredients: 2 large eggs' worth

Eggs (large)
Your favorite seasoning


1. Make tamagoyaki with your favorite seasoning.
2. Spread a paper towel on a bamboo sushi mat, and place the tamagoyaki on top. Place it on top while it is still piping hot.
3. Roll the tamagoyaki up into the bamboo mat at 90 degrees, (from side to vertical), and lightly press. Roll it up tightly at this point.
4. Roll it up, secure with a rubber band, and chill in the fridge. You can re-roll this if you roll it too loosely.
5. Cut it and put it in your bento box after it has chilled.
6. Take a peek at these if you like.
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11. Recipe ID: 2283999 Tamagoyaki with Pickled Japanese Leek.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I made the usual tamagoyaki into a tube, it made my daughter happy.