An Autumn Feast with Chestnuts using Fish Paste

An Autumn Feast with Chestnuts using Fish Paste

Just like chestnuts in their shells!! This is a visually pleasing and delicious dish!

Ingredients: 6 pieces

Somen noodles
2 bundles
Fish paste (or shrimp paste)
240 g
Shrimp paste (or fish paste)
180 g
3-4 teaspoons
3 tablespoons
Frying oil
As needed


1. Soak chestnuts in water overnight to easily peel the outer shell. Peel the inner skin, moisten in water, wrap in plastic wrap and microwave for 3 minutes.
2. Combine egg, salt, mirin to the fish/shrimp paste and blend in a food processor until evenly combined.
3. Break the somen noodles into 2 cm.
4. Divide Step 2 into 6 portions. Spread one portion on your hand, lay 2 chestnut halves, and envelop in the paste. Moisten your hands for this process.
5. Squeeze the fish/shrimp paste ball with the chestnut inside, and check if there aren't trapped air bubbles.
6. Stick somen noodles into the outside. Cover with a generous amount.
7. In a pot with a generous amount of oil preheated to 320F/160℃, fry until lightly golden and remove.
8. If you roll the balls around the pot, the somen noodle needles will flatten, so pour oil on top to heat through.
9. From the top, break apart the "outer shell" with chopsticks, making 3-4 incisions.
10. Remove the chestnut inside.
11. Fry the "outer shell" and the chestnut. Heat the "outer shell" all the way through. Do not flip it over, but pour oil over it. Fry the chestnut for a minute.
12. Stuff the chestnut halves back into the "outer shell" and it's done!!

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the sight of chestnuts in their shells and wanted to reproduce them.