Charaben Duffy Inarizushi

Charaben Duffy Inarizushi

An easy to make Duffy with inarizushi and sliced cheese.

Ingredients: serves 1 child

Storebought inarizushi skins
3 pieces
Cooked rice (sushi rice)
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sliced cheese
as needed
Long pasta
a small amount


1. Stuff the cooked rice into the storebought inarizushi skins. Use a spoon to shape the rice into a ball when stuffing it inside.
2. Flip the ffilled inarizushi over, and form it into a round shape while smoothing out the crease. Push in and smooth the corners too so that you don't notice them much.
3. Stack 2 unfilled inarizushi skins on top of each other, and slice them diagonally. Only use the side halves that have 2 square corners. (On the left side in the photo.)
4. Stuff rice into the halved inarizushi skins from Step 3.
5. Fold each of the corners into the back.
6. Place the filled inarizushi in a bento box so that the open side of the Step 2 inarizushi is covered by the two Step 5 triangular inarizushi.
7. Make the parts for the face. Cut out 2 circles of sliced cheese using a circular cutter.
8. Cut out an oval shape from the sliced cheese that is bigger than the circles from Step 7. You can slightly shift the circular cutter, and make a second cut to make an oval.
9. Place the cheese from Steps 7 and 8 onto the inarizushi from Step 6, and secure with small pieces of pasta. Stick the pasta into areas that will be covered by the face parts.
10. Make the facial features out of nori seaweed. I only used a nori punch for the eyes. I cut the rest with scissors.
11. Using a thin juice box straw, cut out 2 circles from the sliced cheese to add a sparkle to the eyes, and it's done. You can use mayonnaise instead for this.

Story Behind this Recipe

My children requested that I make them a Duffy charaben, and I already had the inarizushi skins.