Made with Strained Yogurt: Simple and Rich Chocolate Mousse

Made with Strained Yogurt: Simple and Rich Chocolate Mousse

This has a rich taste even though it doesn't contain ! heavy cream
It just uses 3 everyday ingredients, so you can make it easily.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Bitter chocolate
60 g
Strained yogurt (unsweetened)
60 g
You can substitute sour cream for yogurt.


1. Separate the egg yolk and egg white. Use a hand mixer to briskly whip the egg white until it forms stiff peaks, and leave the egg yolk as-is (it will stick to the bowl if you beat it).
2. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a double boiler. Add the strained yogurt and stir well with a whisk, then add egg yolk and combine.
3. Use a whisk in Step 2 instead of a hand mixer, so that the chocolate doesn't fly about. I know this from experience.
4. Add the beaten egg white, and mix with a rubber spatula while scraping the chocolate around the edges. Gently mix so that the specks disappear, but the bubbles do not.
5. Divide the mousse into 2 ramekins, chill in the fridge for 2 hours to solidify, and serve ☆. Don't worry, it won't taste sour at all.
6. Tip: If you are using induction cooktop, you can place the bowl directly on the burner and simply melt the chocolate over low heat. I always do this to save time.
7. Tip: When straining the yogurt, place it into a coffee filter and let it sit overnight. Or, do it in your preferred manner.
8. Tip: If the chocolate hardens in Step 2, immerse it in a hot water bath or put it on top of an induction stove to make it soft and easy to mix.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe was based one I I saw on a Canadian pastry chef's TV program, but I altered it. It is a small serving, but it is rich, extremely satisfying and OK to eat even when you're on a diet.