Easy Apple Pie

Easy Apple Pie

I made easy apple pies using frozen puff pastry.

Ingredients: 6 pies

Frozen puff pastry
4 sheets
40 g
Lemon juice
2 teaspoons
Egg yolk
As needed


1. Defrost the frozen puff pastry sheets according to package instructions.
2. Cut an apple into 1/8 wedges, peel the skin and remove the core. Slice lengthwise and place in a saucepan.
3. Just cover the apples with water and add sugar and lemon juice. Cook until the liquid evaporates and cool.
4. Cut a puff pastry into 3 and lay on a baking tray.
5. Also cut the puff pastry into 3 for the top. Make incisions like the photo.
6. Top the cooked apples on the Step 4 sheets. Then brush with beaten egg yolk around edges. Now cover with Step 5.
7. Press around the edges with a folk and brush the egg yolk over once again.
8. Bake in a preheated 200℃ oven for 20 minutes.
9. Making a bigger pie also looks great. Roll puff pastry sheets and follow the same steps.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband loves apple pies. I can make this so easily whenever he wants to eat them.