Halloween Themed "The Joker" Cake Pops

Halloween Themed "The Joker" Cake Pops

I turned The Joker from the Batman series into cake pops . This is easy to make using storebought baumkuchen cake as the base. These are sooo good!

Ingredients: 10-12 pops

Storebought baumkuchen cake (a buttercake)
Cream cheese
Vanilla extract
a little
White chocolate
2 bars
Olive oil
1 teaspoon
Red and black icing
a little of each


1. Buy a thinly-sliced baumkuchen cake, and cut it into 5 pieces. It is delicious!
2. Blend it up in a food processor, add in the cream cheese.... Or use a grater to break it up, and mix it together with softened cream cheese.
3. Pulse the food processor several times until it has mixed together.
4. Roll it up into 10-12 balls, and let them harden for about 30 minutes in the fridge.
5. Put the shaved chocolate into a mug, submerge in hot water, and add in olive oil. Make sure the water does not enter the cup.
6. Dip the end of a stick into a bit of the the chocolate, and stick it about halfway into a cake ball.
7. Coat it evenly in chocolate, shake off the excess, and line up on a sheet of cooking paper to cool and harden.
8. Lastly, draw on the faces with icing, and they are done. You can also draw the face with chocolate. Store-bought chocolate decoration pens are difficult to use, so I suggest using a pastry bag.

Story Behind this Recipe

Last year I made The Joker decorations, but this year I decided to challenge myself by making sweets! Individually baking each cake ball is too much of a pain, so when I tried using store-bought baumkuchen, I was able to turn it into a delicious base.