Chestnut Kinton - Just Like The One From a Famous Confectionery Shop

Chestnut Kinton - Just Like The One From a Famous Confectionery Shop

Chestnut kinton is expensive and you can't eat as much as you like.
Make it at home so that you can indulge to your heart's content.
This is a first-rate taste that's comparable to the kinton sold at any well-established traditional confectionery shop.

Ingredients: Abut 30 pieces

Chestnuts (boiled and skinned)
500 g net weight
Caster sugar
110 g
A pinch
Refer to Recipe ID: 666182 by "Panko625" to prepare the chestnuts


1. Wash the chestnuts, soak in water for an hour, and cut 5 mm notches on the tops.
2. The chestnuts will soak up the boiling water and become bitter and black if the notches are too deep, so be careful! Refer to Recipe ID: 666182 and cook them in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes, then let the cooker cool down naturally.
3. Remove the outer shell and inner skin. This yields 500 g of chestnuts. The chestnuts will be mashed up later, so there's no need to worry about peeling the skins properly. You could also use a spoon to scrape off the skins.
4. Note: Some users had difficulty peeling the chestnuts, so I advise cutting them in half and picking off the skins with the thin tip of a spoon.
5. Cover in plastic wrap and microwave for about 3 minutes.
6. While the chestnuts are still hot, transfer the chestnuts along with a pinch of salt, and sugar to a pestle, and mix while pounding it with a mortar.
7. It will become slightly sticky as you pound it, and become easier to handle. It's okay for some lumps to be left over. Mash it up well if you prefer.
8. Scoop a tablespoon worth (about 25 g) on a sheet of plastic wrap, and squeeze into a ball.
9. Done! Store in the refrigerator and don't let the kinton dry out. Wrap each portion in plastic wrap, and store in the freezer if you prefer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I receive a lot of chestnuts grown in my neighborhood each year, so I make chestnut kinton with them.
When I give them to friends, they exclaim, "These are richer and more delicious than store-bought because they are freshly made. I love it that I can eat as much as I like ." They're very popular amongst my friends.