Frozen Chopped Green Onions

Frozen Chopped Green Onions

Who needs dried green onions?
Since you can use these as a topping anytime, you can just use as much as you want.


Green onion or scallion
1 bunch
Tupperware for storage
large enough to hold all of the green onions plus a little extra space


1. Lightly rinse the green onions in water.
2. After you've washed them, dry them off with a paper towel.
3. It's not necessary to wipe them completely dry!! It's ok if they're still a little wet.
4. After you've dried them, chop them finely and put them into a Tupperware for storage.
5. Put the lid on and store it into the freezer.
6. After 30 minutes to an hour, take out the Tupperware and shake it!! Repeat this step 3-4 times. Make sure you can feel the green onions moving around inside.
7. That's it. The picture shows how they look after 3 weeks. They're still nice and separated.

Story Behind this Recipe

Freeze some awesome green onions for future use.
I had a lot of frustrating times where I wanted to try sprinkling on some green onions, but they had gotten hard. So I just shook them up and could use them whenever.