Chewy Tofu Shiratama

Chewy Tofu Shiratama

In my family, we make shiratama by kneading it with tofu!
These chewy shiratama dumplings have a subtle tofu flavor.

Ingredients: makes about 15 balls

80 g
Tofu (silken)
80 g
to taste


1. Combine the tofu with the shiratamako and knead until it's about the texture of your earlobes.
2. Please add water if it's too tough, or add shiratamako if too soft.
3. Roll it up into bite-sized balls, and slightly dent the middle (take 10 g each to make equally sized balls).
4. Cook the shiratama in boiling water and wait until they float to the top.
5. Leave the shiratama boiling for another 1-2 minutes once they float to the top. Cool in ice water once they're done.
6. Enjoy with kinako or other seasoning of your choice.
7. Variation: I topped these shiratama with homemade "anko" (sweet red bean paste).
8. Here, I placed them on a skewer for mitarashi dumpling balls. (Mitarashi sauce - Recipe ID: 2101031)

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter loves mochi and dango. I usually make these with her!
I think the shiratama becomes more chewy compared to when you knead them with water, and they won't become hard even after they've cooled down.