Melty Cheese Rice Balls

Melty Cheese Rice Balls

Bite into one of these piping hot fried rice balls to experience the delight of melted cheese Semi-dried baby sardines and hijiki seaweed add a perfect balance of nutrients.

Ingredients: Makes 10 balls

Plain cooked rice
500 g
Onions (minced)
Corn (frozen)
50 g
Shirasu (boiled and dried baby sardines)
30 g
Hijiki seaweed (stewed)
30 g
To taste
To taste
3 tablespoons
Easy melt cheese
100 g
Cake flour
2 tablespoons
Egg, beaten
Panko (for coating)
50 g


1. Heat onions in a pan until they become tender, then in the following order, stir in hijiki, rice, corn, and shirasu, then season with salt, pepper and ketchup.
2. Let it cool down to handling temperature.
3. Place easy melt cheese inside one ball of fried rice, and roll into a ball.
4. Like this...
5. Coat evenly and thoroughly in cake flour, dredge in egg, then panko.
6. Deep fry in oil on medium heat for three minutes until they are deep golden and crispy.
7. Serve them up while piping hot.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a craving for homemade freshly fried rice balls, so I made these. A little festive, and perfect for serving to friends. Give them a try!