Freeze This For Your Bento! Pork Offcut Tonkatsu

Freeze This For Your Bento! Pork Offcut Tonkatsu

I made mille-feuille cutlets with pork offcuts.
Even cold, they are still tender and easy to eat.
Try enjoying this with some tonkatsu sauce or with some ponzu sauce.

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

Pork offcuts
400 g
a small amount
a small amount
Frying oil
as needed
2 Step simple coating Recipe ID: 1364962
Egg (medium)
Cake flour
8 tablespoons
5 tablespoons
as needed


1. How to make the [2 step simple coating]. Beat the egg in a bowl, and then add in the flour and water mixing well until no longer lumpy.
2. ※ Depending on the size of the egg you may need to adjust. Try the sauce and if it's too thick, add in water a little at a time. If it's too thin, add in flour a little at a time, until it reaches your desired consistency.
3. Make layers of bite-sized pieces of pork offcuts. Season by sprinkling some salt and pepper on top.
4. Next, holding the pork with chopsticks, coat it with the mixture from Step 1, then coat with the panko.
5. Deep fry them in some preheated frying oil.
6. Once they have cooled, put them in a freezer bag and then put them in the freezer. When you are putting them in a bento, simply heat them up in a microwave (If you cut them, they are easier to eat).
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Story Behind this Recipe

I transformed some cutlets to make them tender even when cold using thinly sliced pork. This` is what I arrived at.