Ghibli Ponyo Cookies

Ghibli Ponyo Cookies

After making my Totoro cookies, I decided to try making "Ponyo" this time. These are made with four basic colored balls of dough. How about making them for White Day?

Ingredients: About 15 cookies

Miltie's Basic Cookie Dough
(Recipe ID: 1519170)
Cake flour
Red food coloring
several drops
Cocoa powder
as needed
The decorations:
Chocolate chips
as needed
Chocolate decorating pen
as needed


1. Mix the cake flour and sugar together, add in the margarine, and knead until it balls up.
2. Divide the dough as shown in the photo, make the 4 different dough colors, and divide all of the colors into 4 equal parts.
3. The eyes and stomach will be made out of plain dough, the body will be made out of plain dough colored red, the face will be made out of plain dough with just a touch of red in it, and the hair will be made out of plain dough colored with cocoa powder.
4. Make the body as shown in the photo by pinching out the arms and fins, and lay some plain dough on top for the stomach.
5. Flatten the face out into an oval shape, and stack it together where you pressed down on the dough with your finger to create an indent.
6. After stretching the cocoa dough out into a small oval shape, make the hair pattern by pressing down on the edges with the tines of a fork. (Draw on the eyes with a chocolate pen after baking).
7. This is a version with the eyes open. Make the eyes with plain dough, and stick on the pupils with chocolate chips. (The chips should be facing downwards!)
8. Make Aurelias with the leftover dough. Stretch out plain dough into a circle, make 4 tear drop shapes with the pink dough, and bring the tips together.
9. Bake in an oven preheated to 170℃ for 12-15 minutes.
10. Let cool, draw upwards-facing eyes with a chocolate pen, and you are done.
11. Please adjust the baking time according to your oven.
12. Here's the Totoro version... (Recipe ID: 1947064)

Story Behind this Recipe

These cookies are the second recipe in my Ghibli cookie series!! You can make lots of variations with just 4 basic types of colored dough.