Chestnut Rice Made with Mochi Rice (Okowa) Made in a Rice Cooker

Chestnut Rice Made with Mochi Rice (Okowa) Made in a Rice Cooker

Chestnut rice made with sticky or mochi rice (okowa) is one of the flavors of fall. Let's make it easily in a rice cooker.

Ingredients: 3 rice cooker cups (540 ml) of uncooked rice worth

10 ~ 15
1 10 cm square piece
Uncooked mochi (sweet or short-grain) rice
3 rice cooker cups (540 ml)
4 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
Sesame seed salt (gomashio)
to taste
The amount indicated in the rice cooker for 3 cups of rice


1. Rinse the mochi rice, and soak in water for 3 ~ 4 hours.
2. Remove the outer shells and inner skins of the chestnuts. This is how I do it: Boil the chestnuts for about 3 minutes, and soak in hot water for about 10 minutes. This makes the chestnuts easier to peel.
3. Add mochi rice, konbu seaweed, sake, and salt. Add the usual amount of water for 3 rice cooker cups. Finally put in the chestnuts, then start cooking. (It might be better to add a tiny bit less water than usual.)
4. Sprinkle sesame seed salt (gomashio) before eating, and it's done!
5. If you don't have mochi rice, you can substitute regular white rice. It will be quite delicious regardless.

Story Behind this Recipe

We received a lot of chestnuts as a gift, and this is the first thing I wanted to make with them!

Cooking okowa rice takes a bit of effort, but if you just do it in a rice cooker, it's easy.