Amazing! Grilled Hamaguri Clams

Amazing! Grilled Hamaguri Clams

I was so impressed with the taste at a hamaguri clam shop in Asahikawa, that I tried to recreate it. Since I do not have a grill, I used a frying pan.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Hamaguri clams
about 200g
For the sauce ingredients:
Cooking sake
Soy sauce
10ml or less


1. Immerse the clams in water. If they already are packaged in water, then omit this step. (Soak the clams in 500ml water with 1 teaspoon of salt for about 30 mins-1 hour and set aside in the refrigerator or some other dark location.)
2. Heat a frying pan lined with aluminium foil over high heat.
3. Once the pan is hot enough, add the clams.
4. Once all the clams open up, pour in the sauce evenly.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I visited a clam shop in Asahikawa, I was so amazed at their deliciousness. Even though I'm not a professional, and the clams sold at the supermarket were small, I was able to successfully recreate the taste.