Easy Sweet Potato Snacks in 10 Minutes

Easy Sweet Potato Snacks in 10 Minutes

Simply heat the sweet potatoes, combine them with margarine and honey in a bag, shape them, and toast them This recipe doesn't use eggs or dairy products so is also suitable for kids with allergies.

Ingredients: 5 servings (58 kcal each)

Sweet potato
100 g
20 g (1 tablespoon)
15 g


1. Cut the sweet potatoes into 1 cm thick rounds, peel them, and soak the rounds in water for 1 minute.
2. Wrap the sweet potato in cling film and heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes (600 W). Turn the rounds over and heat them for a further 1 minute.
3. Place the sweet potato in a plastic bag (2 layers thick if possible) and use a rolling pin to mash it up.
4. Add the honey and margarine to the potato and rub the ingredients together through the plastic bag.
5. When the mixture looks like it does in this photo, use your hands to roll it into 5 balls. (1 ball should weigh around 20 g).
6. Arrange the sweet potato balls on a sheet of aluminium foil (or you could place each ball in an aluminium cup), and bake them in a preheated toaster oven for 2-3 minutes.
7. Just before the sweet potato snacks are due to finish baking, you could brush some egg over the tops to glaze them and top them with sesame seeds In the photo I just glazed mine with egg yolk wash.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was asked to trial a new brand of margarine, so I combined it with some in-season sweet potatoes to create a simple and delicious snack that lets the buttery taste of the margarine shine through.