Easy Microwave Lunch: Yuzu Pepper Butter Udon Noodles

Easy Microwave Lunch: Yuzu Pepper Butter Udon Noodles

This was always my favorite recipe, but now my son loves it too. Simple but delicious!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Frozen udon noodles
1 serving
10 to 15 g
Mentsuyu (3x concentrate)
1 tablespoon
Yuzu pepper paste
a 5 cm long piece if from a tube - about 1 teaspoon
Green onion and nori seaweed
To taste


1. Put the udon noodle pack on a plate and microwave for 3 and a half minutes at 600w.
2. Put the heated udon noodle, butter, mentsuyu sauce and yuzu pepper in a bowl and mix together.
3. Heat again in the microwave. I just use the 'auto' setting.
4. Transfer to a serving plate and top with some shredded shiso leaves and nori seaweed.
5. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but lately I've been finding 15g of butter to be too rich, so I edited the recipe to 10 to 15 grams for people who don't like butter.
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Story Behind this Recipe

One day I was hungry but was feeling too lazy to make a proper lunch, so I just mixed some ingredients I had in the refrigerator with udon noodles and threw it in the microwave....and what do you know, it was really good! I've been hooked on this dish ever since.
This recipe was featured in a lazy-cooking cookbook!