Bite-Sized Sweet Potato Snacks

Bite-Sized Sweet Potato Snacks

These are cute, tiny, bite-sized sweet potatoes treats that you can gobble up.

Ingredients: About 35~40

Sweet potato
500 g (about 2)
Salted butter
30 g
Caster sugar
70 g
Condensed milk
10 g
Heavy cream
50 g
Egg yolk (medium)
Vanilla oil
a small amount
Egg yolk for brushing


1. Steam the sweet potatoes and mash. Add the other ingredients one at a time in order, and mix well.
2. Make bite-sized balls and put into small cupcake cups. Brush with egg yolk.
3. Bake in an oven heated to 200℃ for 15~20 minutes, until the tops have browned a bit.
4. All wrapped up!

Story Behind this Recipe

I received a ton of sweet potatoes as a gift, so I made my sister's favorite sweet potato snacks! I tried to recreate my mother's dish.