Deep-fried and Breaded Chicken Rolls with Cheese

Deep-fried and Breaded Chicken Rolls with Cheese

How about some fried yet elegant chicken rolls made with soft and light chicken tenders? The meat matches the cheese really well.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Chicken tenders
Cut cheese
as needed
Coating for chicken rolls
Flour, eggs, panko
as needed


1. Remove the sinews from the chicken breast tenders.
2. Place a tender on cling film and cover with another piece of cling film. Bash the tender gently over the cling film with a rolling pin.
3. Repeat the process with the rest of the chicken breast tenders.
4. Cut your slices of cut cheese in half. Prepare the vegetable you are going to use to fill the inside of the chicken.
5. I used courgettes today. You can use slightly larger-sized vegetables but make the cheese smaller than the width of the flattened chicken.
6. Coat the prepared chicken with flour, eggs and panko.
7. Deep-fry in 180℃ oil until golden brown.
8. After deep-frying leave to rest to allow the residual heat to spread through the inside of the chicken. Slice and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

This has become a standard dish for family dinners.To prevent the cheese from leaking out while frying, I flatten out the chicken breast tenders thinly and try to tightly roll the cheese inside.