Homemade Additive-Free Fresh Ketchup

Homemade Additive-Free Fresh Ketchup

My palate was getting too used to the taste of additive-packed store-bought ketchup and I wanted to change that. If you make this naturally tomato flavoured ketchup, the only things that you're putting into your body are the ingredients listed below.

Ingredients: approximately 1 cup

Ripe tomatoes (or canned whole tomatoes)
1 kg (or 2 cans)
1/2 small (or 1/4 large)
1 clove
Apple cider vinegar
3 tablespoons
Raw cane sugar
2-3 tablespoons (to your desired sweetness)
1 teaspoon
Thyme, oregano or other herbs
as needed


1. Make an incision into the bottom of the tomatoes and pierce the tops with a fork several times. Grill the surface of the tomatoes over a gas flame and when the skin looks ready to peel off, soak them in cold water. Then smoothly peel the skin off.
2. Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender, then transfer to a pan and cook the the mixture down. Continue to stir the mixture so that it doesn't burn.
3. This photo shows the ketchup when it was about halfway through being cooked down. It tastes deliciously fruity at this point but will keep for longer if you continue to cook it down and evapourate away the moisture.
4. While the ketchup is hot, pour it into a sterilised jar, filling it up to the top. Put the lid on the jar and place it upside down until cooled. When the ketchup has cooled, turn the jar the right way up again.
5. ※ Since you will fill the jar while the ketchup is still hot, the inside of the jar will become a vacuum, meaning that the ketchup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Please make sure to consume it as quickly as possible after opening the jar.
6. The tomato flavour of this ketchup is just incomparable to store-bought brands. I'm going to show my children how real ketchup should taste in the hope that they also carry on making this recipe.

Story Behind this Recipe

We have a lot of great tasting tomatoes from Kumamoto and Kochi Prefectures at home which we usually make into oven-dried tomatoes or ketchup.
This ketchup contains plenty of nutrients so try opening them up a jar in the winter when vegetables are hard to come by.