Korilakkuma Bento with Mini Sausages

Korilakkuma Bento with Mini Sausages

Here's Korilakkuma wearing a Rilakkuma hat made out of mini sausages! It takes a bit more effort to make than Rilakkuma, but it's twice as cute!

Ingredients: 1

Mini sausages
Sliced cheese (not the easy-melting type)
1 slice
Egg crepe
1 x 1 cm
Nori seaweed
to taste
Uncooked spaghetti noodle
as needed


1. Cut off 1/3 of the sausage.
2. On the rounded section that you just cut off, create a slice halfway deep, off to the right.
3. Using a cutter a bit smaller than the rounded head section, press down about 5 mm through the sausage.
4. It should look like this with a clear line pressed through the sausage.
5. Use a knife to cut out the oval from the head piece.
6. When it's finished, you won't be able to see the inside, so it's okay if appears crumbly.
7. Using the other part of the sausage from Step 1, cut out two small circles with a cutter.
8. Use pasta to secure the circles into the slit you created in Step 2 to form the ears.
9. Using an oval cutter, cut out two pieces from the egg crepe. Cut off a little bit of the bottoms.
10. Use pasta to secure the egg crepe pieces to the ears from Step 9.
11. Use the oval cutter you used to create the face hole to cut out an oval from the sliced cheese.
12. Set the oval from Step 11 into the well of the sausage.
13. Cut out two circles from the remaining bits of sliced cheese.
14. Use short pieces of pasta to attach the circles to the face. (Actually, you can't see the pasta in the picture. If you push the pasta down so it doesn't poke out, you won't notice it.)
15. Use nori to cut out the facial features, stick them on, and it's done!
16. The Rilakkuma version is at Recipe ID: 1524959

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was making the Rilakkuma from mini sausages, I thought I should also try to make a hooded character (Recipe ID: 1524959).