Just Three-Ingredients! Okara Soy Pulp Doughnuts

Just Three-Ingredients! Okara Soy Pulp Doughnuts

Every week, a tofu vendor would visit my son's preschool and sell tofu products. He also sold okara doughnuts, which were delicious, but the expenses quickly added up... so I bought okara and made the doughnuts at home. I came up with easy-to-remember proportions of ingredients.

Ingredients: A generous amount

Instant pancake mix
200 g
Fresh okara
200 g
Soy milk
200 ml
Total calories: 1,046 Salt content: 2.0 g


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, blend, and put into a vinyl bag.
2. Cut the tip of the bag using scissors.
3. Squeeze out the doughnut batter into oil heated to about 340F/170C, until golden brown.
4. My friend's son cannot have any dairy products, so he was thrilled when he was able to eat these.
5. Try them as baked doughnuts using a doughnut mold.(See Recipe ID: 993126.)
6. Or, try these doughnuts that use tofu instead of okara (Recipe ID: 440234).

Story Behind this Recipe

The old man at the tofu shop sold 1 doughnut for 60 yen. For 200 yen, I can make a ton of a homemade doughnuts (80 yen for 300 g of okara--even though I use only 200 g in the recipe, 80 yen for about 200 g of instant pancake mix, and 40 yen for 200 ml of soy milk.) With 200 yen, I could only buy 3 doughnuts.