Ham Flowers for Filling Gaps in Bento

Ham Flowers for Filling Gaps in Bento

This will brighten up your everyday bento.


Thinly-sliced ham
more than 1 slice


1. Use a thinly sliced ham.
2. Make 2 flowers at once. Fold two layers of ham in half like this.
3. Snip into the folds with washed kitchen scissors.
4. Fold one of the layer of ham outward.
5. Wind each ham layer into a circle.
6. Here are two ham flowers.
7. You can also add thinly sliced cucumber (lengthwise) or cooked snow peas.
8. Place greens in the middle of the ham before cutting.
9. The cucumbers add contrast to the pink flowers. I think snow peas are better.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought this was a well-known tip, but friends keep asking me about it, so I uploaded here.