Cute Kabocha Jack-O'-Lanterns

Cute Kabocha Jack-O'-Lanterns

They're so cute and perfect for parties or to pack in bentos. This will definitely liven up the Halloween season.

Ingredients: Makes 3 Jack-o'-lanterns

Kabocha squash
150 g
10 g
Salt and pepper
To taste
As needed


1. Dice the unpeeled kabocha squash into 4 to 5 cm cubes. Place in a microwave steaming container with 2 to 3 tablespoons of water, and microwave until soft.
2. Drain the kabocha and chop the skin and flesh apart. Do not throw away the skin.
3. Add butter, salt, pepper, and a small amount of nutmeg (optional) to the kabocha and mash finely. Mix until smooth and set side to cool.
4. Make face parts with the skin. For the eyes and nose, slice into triangles. For the mouth, cut into a large half-moon shape and make two slits on both the top and bottom sides. For the stem, cut into a rectangle.
5. Divide the kabocha into 3 portions and form into oval shapes. Press in a toothpick to make 6 indentations. Press lightly with your finger and press the corners to make it round.
6. When the kabocha are shaped like above, press in the face parts.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a Western variation of kabocha chakin-shibori (squeezed with a tea napkin), especially for Halloween!