Methods for Pre-Cutting Salt-Grilled Pacific Saury

Methods for Pre-Cutting Salt-Grilled Pacific Saury

The meat comes right out! Here are two methods for cutting Pacific saury for children or those who are clumsy when it comes to eating fish prepared the usual way.


Pacific saury
as much as you need
Gourmet salt
to taste


1. Method 1: Make a deep cut straight down the transverse muscle on both sides of the fish; (the cut should be deep enough that the knife reaches the bone). Sprinkle with salt, then grill.
2. Method 2: A healthy method for eating Pacific saury: Cut as instructed in Step 1, then make 3-4 cuts vertically as shown in the photo (on both sides). Sprinkle with salt, then grill.
3. When using Method 2 on grills that require you to turn over the fish, although it may be tricky, they should turn out looking nicely as shown in the photo.
4. If you're worried, use a spatula or similar utensil to flip them over while supporting the bottom.
5. Since there are many cuts when prepared by Method 2, the fat will cook out, so if you prefer a fatty taste, I recommend using Method 1.
6. Even using Method 1, the meat will roll right off to the top and bottom of the cut.
7. Caution: When cutting vertically in Method 2, it's best to gut the fish first. Even if you're going with Method 1, you should remove the entrails first before grilling, if you're not the biggest fan of the taste that comes out of them.
8. For grills that require the fish to be turned over, heat the grill before placing the fish on it to prevent the skin from sticking to it. It also helps to brush on vinegar or oil.
9. Addendum: I grilled the fish on top of a sheet of aluminium foil in a frying pan and it turned out beautifully.
10. Blot away the excess oil with a paper towel to remove the stickiness. By cutting off the heads, the fish should fit into a regular-sized frying pan.

Story Behind this Recipe

Even my husband who doesn't like eating fish with bones can eat it this way.
When I taught this method to a friend, they told me that it was easy for their child to eat the fish. Although this isn't a recipe per se, I thought it might be helpful for some...