Fava Bean Dip (Dairy-Free Version added)

Fava Bean Dip (Dairy-Free Version added)

This goes great with wine.
Make another tasty version with edamame in the summer.
Use tofu cream instead of cream cheese, if you want to avoid dairy products.
Enjoy the nutritional gifts of the season.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

Fava beans (or edamame or green peas)
A generous handful (about 200 g)
Cream cheese
1/2 the net weight of the fava beans (about 50 g)
Extra virgin olive oil
a dash
Lemon juice
a splash
Grated garlic
to taste
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Remove the fava beans from the pods, boil in salt water, then remove the inner skins. If using edamame, boil them in their pods in salt water. You could also use frozen fava beans or edamame. Bring the cheese to room temperature.
2. Mash all of the ingredients together, or pulse in a food processor into your desired consistency. I prefer it with a bit of texture.
3. [Dairy-free Version 1] Use tofu cream. Wrap tofu in paper towels or in cloth, place a plate on top, then thoroughly drain for 30 minutes.
4. Once the tofu has thoroughly drained, strain or squeeze out the liquid with your hands (this is great for relieving stress! This tofu cream goes well with any dip.
5. You can also use tofu cream for sweets. Add some beet sugar or other healthy sugar and use it as whipped cream for an infant's birthday cake. It's safe and easy.
6. [Dairy-free Version 2] Use soy milk cheese. Refer to (Recipe ID: 930066) for a recipe for soy milk cheese. It's an easy way to make cheese.
7. You can get cottage cheese just by adding vinegar to soy milk. The liquid can be used as skin moisturizer.

Story Behind this Recipe

The bounty of spring vegetables are full of anti-oxidative properties!
Apparently, the nutritive value of vegetables is more than tripled if eaten in season. It's filled with the flavors of spring!